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Amitis Commercial and Production Group started its activity independently with Amitis Sanat Lubricant Company in 2014. And by taking advantage of the founders’ years of experience in various industries, he succeeded in establishing factories for the production of industrial oils and oils. Motor has a favorable contribution in meeting the country’s need for these products and a part of its production in order to boost the country’s exports. Export to foreign customers. This holding, by registering and starting the activity of Amitis oil technology companies, started its activity in the field started oil and motor fluids and expanded its activity by establishing a refining process company in the field of heavy oil and grease production And Alum Sanat Company paid for the production of aluminum essentials such as foil and containers.

Why Fanavaran Naft Amitis Company?

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Amitis Oil Co. (private shares) was established with the aim of producing all kinds of motor and industrial oils with the brand (BRUNEL) or relying on the technical knowledge of domestic and foreign experts and using the formulations of leading companies in this industry.

All machines, production lines and packaging equipment have been built and installed based on the most modern production methods, in accordance with the latest international standards, by Iranian experts and capable forces, and in order to achieve high quality products, they are produced from the best base and additive oils. Authentic manufacturers are used.

With storage tanks of over 5,000 tons, this company can produce 2,500 tons of motor oils (gasoline and diesel), hydraulic oils, gear oils, and all kinds of highly specialized and special oils used in the steel, textile, and tire industries. , marine and other industries as well as heavy aromatic oils used by carbon black factories to supply the domestic and export markets.

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